Artist & Author

My name is Joey Welsh. I am a freelance illustrator and children's author located  in Phoenix, AZ. I have been painting digitally since 2005, using Corel Painter and the Wacom tablets. I specialize in whimsical art using a vivid style of rendering. Each illustration begins as a pencil sketch, I then paint over them using a stroke-by-stroke process to build up color and texture to create my final art.

From childhood, I have always been inspired by art with a sense of humor. As a kid, I spent my time cartooning and ruminating over the works of Richard Scarry and Gary Larson. I was fascinated by their ability to pack so much humor and story into a single panel of art. It is a quality I hope to achieve in my own work. 

Illustrating digitally  on the Wacom Cintiq

Illustrating digitally on the Wacom Cintiq