Joey Welsh illustration

Artist & Author

My name is Joey Welsh. I am a freelance illustrator and children's author located  in Phoenix, AZ. I have been painting digitally since 2005, using Corel Painter and the Wacom tablets. I specialize in whimsical art using a soft, realistic style of rendering. All my illustrations begin as a pencil sketch, I then paint over them using a stroke-by-stroke process, I will build up color and texture through layers of brush work. View a short video on my art process

  Working from my home  studio using  my favorite creative tool, the Wacom Cintiq 27" model. 

Working from my home  studio using  my favorite creative tool, the Wacom Cintiq 27" model. 

My art career began as a typesetter for a reprint company. My job was to set copyright lines for reprinted magazine articles. Although it was a long way from being a illustrator, I learned all there was to know about preparing jobs for press. From there, I grew into becoming a graphic designer for several ad agencies, before ending up as an independent freelance designer. 

I always spent my spare time drawing, mostly in colored pencil. In 2001, I had accumulated enough art to participate in a local art festival in Newbury Park, CA. It was a fun but humbling experience as I sold only one piece. I continued doing a few art shows every year, but soon realized colored pencil was not the best medium because each piece took  3-6 months to create. Since I had a digital background, I took a chance on digital art. I bought my first Wacom Intous tablet, Corel Painter software and never looked back. Digital art was a perfect fit for me. It lends itself well to detailed  art much like colored pencil, but in half the time. 

I feel very blessed to make my living as an artist. From childhood, I have always been inspired by art with a sense of humor. As a kid, I spent my time emulating the works of Richard Scarry, Charles Schulz and Gary Larson. I was fascinated by their ability to pack so much humor into a single panel of art. It is a quality I hope to achieve in my own work. Each of my illustrations might be considered a fine-art cartoon. My intention is to create art that will leave the viewer smiling. 


Photographer: Ansyl Welsh
Illustration in Progess: "Gekkards Assemble"