Potty Humor


I’m always getting request for bathroom art. Hmmm? So I got to work on a few ideas and came up with the quick sketch on the right. When I was in high school, my friends and I always got a kick of one teacher who took the “no-hands” approach to relieving himself. In fact, I think we often wondered how this was even possible without making a mess, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, I think that distant memory became the inspiration for this piece.

Down below, most men will recognize the flamboyant yellow frog who is charismatic while urinating. He will tap his feet, slap his hands on the wall, even sing, all while gazing down admiringly at the little fellow hard at work. He will do this without the slightest bit of self-consciousness. He doesn’t care who is next to him, or who is watching, he is free to pee wherever he might be.

The blue frog on the right is your average guy. He is there to take care of business and although he does not get stage fright in a crowded bathroom, he knows enough to select the end urinal. He also distracts himself by reading the graffiti to keep his mind occupied and his bladder relaxed.

But the poor green frog in the middle. He had the unfortunate circumstance of walking into the john when the only unoccupied urinal was the one in the middle. (See expert only) Reluctantly, he took the open spot as nature’s call cannot be ignored. But he finds the close personal proximity of strangers difficult to overcome at such a private time. He might make more sense to just zip up and come back another time.

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