The Magnificent Race   •   36 pages   •   Published Oct 2015

Every spring, in the grasslands of Saurian Grove, teams of reptiles and amphibians gather for the annual hot-air balloon race. When the Gekkard Team arrives at the race, they meet a group of tough-looking snapping turtles. A team who knows how to win races. As the race gets underway the Gekkard Team quickly learns all is not fair when up in the air. The story is filled with humor, dastardly antics and dilemma as the Gekkard team must choose between winning the race or helping an opponent in trouble.

The book was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Check it out. 

To See the Sea   •   36 Pages   •   Published May 2010

The Gekkards are delighted when they receive a beautiful postcard of an ocean sunset, however, they soon discover the the name of the sender has been smudged by a tire mark. Eager to find out who sent the postcard, the Gekkards set out to see the sea. Their journey becomes an adventure unlike any other as different characters help guide the way. It is a humorous journey about we take in life and the potential danger of the sea.

The Gekkleberry Tree   •   36 Pages + Bonus Gallery   •   Published Dec 2005

As summer comes to a end, the Gekkards find themselves sound asleep after a late night celebration. They are awoken by the arrival of autumn and reminders of the tasty berries awaiting them at the Gekkleberry Tree. Off they go to harvest the gekkleberries, only to discover the berries are missing? What the heckleberry happened to the gekkleberries? Be sure and check out this ambitious debut storybook by Joey Welsh.