Gallery Wraps


Benefits of Gallery Wraps

  • Edges of the image wraps completley around the sides

  • No framing is needed unless desired

  • No annoying reflections that come with framing under glass

  • Each piece arrives wired and ready to hang on the wall

About Gallery Wraps Canvas

Each illustration takes artist, Joey Welsh, about 40+ hours to complete. To showcase that hard work, we have developed a premium process for printing his art on canvas. The results are vibrant works of art that are both archival and durable. If you have ever visited us at an art or book festival, the gallery wrap images are the ones hanging on the booth wall. See image below.

FAQ about Gallery Wraps

1. Will the colors fade over time? 

The colors will not fade for a very long time. The inks that are used to print each piece are rated to last 75+ years. In addition, they are sealed with a satin varnish that will increase their resistance to UV light. 

2. What is the depth of the stretcher bars?

The bars are 1.25" in depth which gives each piece of art a subtle, dimensional look when it hangs on the wall.

3. Will the gallery wraps get damaged if they hang in a bathroom? 

No. A room with increased humidity will not harm the gallery wraps. 

4. How long does it take to process an order for a gallery wrap image?

Often times our gallery wraps are made to order, so please give us 2-3 days to print, seal & stretch the artwork. Both the inks and sealer need proper drying  to cure prior to shipping it. 

5. What is the largest size you can print?

For most images, the largest size is 32"x40". However, there are a few select images that can go larger than that.